LINK manaki hatanaka new works update 2017.5.14
 LINK manaki hatanaka information   update 2017.4.2
 LINK manaki hatanaka exhibition   update 2017.5.14
 LINK manaki Description of the picture   update 2015.5.7

 LINK jun furusawa new works  new update 2018.5.1
 LINK jun furusawa information  new update 2018.4.5
 LINK jun furusawa exhibition  new update 2018.5.1

 LINK noriko saito new artist   update 2017.5.14
 LINK noriko saito new works  new update 2017.5.21
 LINK noriko saito information   update 2017.
 LINK noriko saito exhibition   update 2017.

 LINK koya ogawa new artist   update 2016.1.25
 LINK koya ogawa information   update 2016.9.13
 LINK koya ogawa exhibition   update 2016.

 LINK yasushi muranaga new works   update 2016.8.23
 LINK yasushi muranaga information   update 2013.10.25
 LINK yasushi muranaga exhibition   update 2013.9.27

 LINK akira tsutsumi new works   update 2016.8.22
 LINK akira tsutsumi information   update 2017.3.15
 LINK akira tsutsumi exhibition   update 2014.4.8

 LINK kenji inao new works   update 2015.8.19
 LINK kenji inao information   update 2015.3.25
 LINK kenji inao exhibition   update 2014.2.14

 LINK noriko naito owusu new works   update 2015.5.17
 LINK noriko naito owusu pastel company   update 2015.4.19
 LINK noriko naito owusu information   update 2015.4.5

 LINK tatsuya kurokawa new works  new update 2018.5.8

 LINK lumi kurata new works   update 2017.5.14
 LINK lumi kurata information   update 2017.6.25
 LINK lumi kurata exhibition   update 2017.5.14
 LINK yokosuka peace exhibition 2016   update 2016.7.28

 LINK masae kudo new works   update 2015.8.20
 LINK masae kudo information   update 2015.1.23
 LINK masae kudo exhibition   update 2015.4.8

 LINK etsuko kubota acrylic painting   update 2016.12.15
 LINK etsuko kubota engraving 銅版画   update 2015.3.14
 LINK etsuko kubota information   update 2015.12.1
 LINK etsuko kubota exhibition   update 2015.12.5
 LINK etsuko kubota 2015 calendar update 2015.1.24

 LINK kazuhiko komatsu new works   update 2016.8.23
 LINK kazuhiko komatsu information   update 2013.11.3
 LINK kazuhiko komatsu exhibition   update 2013.11.13

 LINK mieko kurata mew works   update 2016.8.22
 LINK mieko kurata information   update 2015.1.6
 LINK mieko kurata exhibition   update 2015.9.4

 LINK kaneko goro ayako mew works   update 2016.8.22
 LINK kaneko goro ayako information   update 2015.8.20
 LINK kaneko goro ayako exhibition   update 2016.4.26

 LINK takako suzuki new artist -piano-  update 2013.3.25
 LINK takako suzuki Live in sazanami hall  update 2013.5.27

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